Our Story

In 1999, my wife and I bought our very first home in Australia after many years of savings. We thought the hard part was over. Little did we know, building our dream home was way more challenging than planning a wedding. From picking cutlery sets to which floor type and colour to install. Lengthy discussions with no conclusion became a part of our daily conversations. The pressure from pushy salesman convincing us to purchase expensive fittings with an exorbitant cost and limited warranty was driving us crazy. 


We spent months to find the right timber floor expert that could understand and meet our unique requirement, but to no avail. It became clear. My wife and I started our very first DIY project on our home floors. From there we have never look back on venturing and putting all our investment into the flooring business.  


From designing and fitting our own home to close families and friends’ houses. Today we are servicing Melbourne’s homeowners and business owners.


Transforming Passion into Professionalism

At Bevel Floors, we are always in the pursuit of perfection. We are committed to producing your dream floor. Pick and match any different colour shades, timber, pattern, installation method and aftercare services. Customisation is our speciality. After all, it is how Bevel Floor was founded.


Continuous innovations and learning are essential to keep up with today’s market demand. Style is always changing. New technologies are introduced so often. We are always improving and educating ourselves to ensure our customers receive the latest and best products, services, and techniques.

Through 25 years of combined experiences, working with experts in the market and plenty of research and experimental on flooring and passion, Bevel floors distinguished itself away from competitors.


There are a few common types of oak floorings are solid, engineered, laminate and hybrid. These floorings have different advantages and drawbacks. At Bevel floors, we minimise the drawbacks through our engineering methods during the production and installation stage. We know temperature resistant, durable and scratch-free is the most common requirements every customer want. Our engineering methods have produced one of the strongest boards in the market while maintaining rich and artistic appeal.


Thanks to talented and hardworking team members, we have involved and delivered a diverse range of residential and commercial projects. Besides that, we collaborate with local and overseas designers to bring the best timber floor colour palette to you. Our floor installation team are highly skilled and experienced.