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As a method and design on flooring, Chevron has been popular for centuries. The Chevron flooring gives you a variety of options to choose from. Arguably, Chevron is similar to herringbone, but with slight significant differences. As flooring experts, we will dissect the definitions of Chevron and hopefully transform you into a chevron enthusiast.


The main feature of the Chevron floor is the continuous zig-zag. The woodblocks run point to point like a V-shape. The blocks are laid at 40 to 60 degrees angle creating a continuous zig-zag design. 

Spanning back to the Medieval period, chevron flooring was commonly found in Provincial Homes in French. The effortless beauty portrays by Chevron has become an excellent choice of investment in home renovations as it stood the test against time.


As land price rises and space are limited, Chevron continued to be a popular choice among many homeowners and in commercial property space. This is because the Chevron floor is visually appealing to enlarge the dimensions of small areas. For example, if you want a certain section of your home, say a living room that has a fireplace, Chevron is the answer to make the living room space stand out against the other rooms. 

For business owners, if you have a limitation of space in your property and yet you want “Instagrammable” pictures for your customers to share your products on their social media, you can always lay Chevron floorings on your floors or walls. With Chevron Parquetry, your condensed space will now be converted into a sophisticated and modern area.


As proven above, the flooring on Chevron design never failed to grow old. This design gives a lavish and elegant arrangement and a rich historical view of the rooms. Just like a fine bottle of French wine, it age well as time passes.  

Furthermore, the cost of installation is relatively cheap. In terms of maintenance, Chevron flooring requires little to non-maintenance. Homeowners, architects, home designers and business owners who are looking to fast-tracked their renovation projects, Chevron floor is the answer as it takes less time to install.




Also commonly known as oak or timber chevron. Chevron mosaics are not only used on floors but on artworks too. We have encountered several designers and DIYers getting their chevron floors supplied from us to produce wood wall decor, wall arts, and even laying Chevron parquetry on their outdoor ceilings.


When it comes to laminate flooring, think of it as a multilayer of mixed wood with a transparent overlay. Invented in 1977 by Sweden, the multilayer that formed the laminated Chevron floor is made of natural materials like wood, stone and tile. Due to the natural materials and the process of manufacturing them, it is considered an ecologically low impact product. Regarding the transparent overlay, it aims to protect from stain.

At Bevel floors, we have a large range of colours for you to pick the finishing of your transparent overlay of the Chevron floors ranging from deep matte to high gloss. As for durability, laminate Chevron flooring can withstand high foot traffic. The only cons of laminate flooring are that it is not recommended for areas that are subject to excessive moisture. Such as kitchen or outdoor pool, and bathrooms unless it is 100% waterproof laminate floor.



Dark Shade colours have been a popular choice in interior design. The contrast from the grey chevron flooring with the furniture and walls gives warmth and rich vibes at the same time. As they say grey is the queen of colours because she makes everyone else look good. Besides, it brings the best lights to your home. These days, Bevel’s has seen a spike in the colour grey particularly in Chevron floorings. The rise of the demand has made us stock more grey floorings and provide our clients with the best pricing thanks to economies of scale.


It is a product that is made out of several layers of different materials to imitate natural timber. Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) can be accommodated into Chevron floors with the advantage of being more ranges of choice and flexibility compared to the traditional wood chevron floor. Bevel Floors offers a Complete Chevron Package that involves choosing the right colours, installation and finishes with sanding and flooring. Our dynamic team ensures you are satisfied throughout the whole process and receive high quality on your floor by the end of the project. Contact us to get a free quote.

Custom Made Chevron Parquetry Option

If you are looking for more options for flooring, you are on the right website. Our company specializes in custom made and high-quality products. We have more than 20 years of experience in installing and laying the floor at the best price without compromising on quality. We have designers and installers to walk you through your journey in choosing the right flooring for each space in your house. Have a chat over a phone call or coffee in our showroom, to understand why we are your choice.

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