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When it comes to choosing the right item to fit the place that will last a lifetime, it all boils down to the quality and price. At Bevels floors, our products are made with the finest and highest quality because as cliché as it sounds – Quality Matters. Hence, to produce quality floorboards, European Oak takes up a large part of our product collections.


We are all aware that timber has never lost its spot on the top demand of raw materials in the world. But do you know among the wood list, oak is the highly sought-after type of lumber compared to the others? Oak is commonly used in construction, furniture, flooring and even wine barrels throughout history. 

If you were to investigate the 3 categories that have just been mentioned, you will realise that all three of them are built to last more than a lifetime. This illustrates the durability of oak is prodigious. Now that you have the evidence of oak toughness, it is time to understand the difference between American and European Oak. In addition, why Bevel Floors favoured the European Oak over the American. 

European Flooring vs American Flooring

The European Oak name originates from medieval Europe. It is also referred to as the French or English Oak. Whereas the American Oak has commonly associated with the team Quercus alba, a long-lived plant name that can be found in North America known for its preeminent hardwoods. 

Both American and European Oak are temperate hardwood and are classified as ‘white oaks’. White Oaks is highly recommended for households or business owners. Owing to the recommendation that white oak has a higher resistance to water, able to withhold heavy furniture, pets, and young children. 

The competitive edge of European wood over American wood is the movement level. The European oak floorings contract or expand less than the American Oak. This means European floors that are laid are less likely to split or crack as it has good bending properties. Besides that, American oak stains easily. 

European Oak Colour

The colour tone from European Oak is described as a warm honey golden colour. For homeowners that are considering the chemical process of fuming their timber floor, European Oak is the better choice as it will result in a warm and rich light walnut colour. The following are a few colour palettes of our European Collection Line. The texture of the wood resembles the characteristic of uneven grain which results in a natural-looking floor. This adds personality to space. To have a better view and feel of the European timber, visit our showroom for the full collections.  

Upgrade to Engineered European Flooring today

Engineered flooring has gained popularity for flooring solutions. It is suitable for homeowners and commercial use. European engineered flooring is constructed with multi-layers of wood and is agglutinate at different angles. This allows higher durability than it is supposed to be. As far as its appearance are concerned, it still gives a natural look similar to solid wood flooring. In auditions, it is easier to maintain and care for. Hence it gives additional value to the property value.



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Bevel Floors offer an excellent range of European timber flooring to the Melbournians for more than 20+ years. We have a showroom and warehouse located less than 30 mins away from the Melbourne CBD. We are a team of passionate flooring experts that aims to recommend the most suitable flooring for your special space. If you want to explore more options of different types of oak, please refer to Tasmanian Oak Floorings. 

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