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Before we dive deeper into herringbone flooring, we need to introduce Parquetry to you. This is because while you are out shopping for a new surface, the word parquetry will surface multiple times. After reading this article you will understand why herringbone flooring is commonly associated with Parquetry. Originate from French, Parquetry is made of solid timber materials and are arranged in a different geometric pattern such as triangle, rectangle, squares, quadrilateral and even circular at times. Parquetry Flooring has been long around for centuries in Europe, however, due to the textile boom, it was hidden beneath carpets and rugs.


Fortunately, parquet stands the test of time. It regains its popularity in the 80s till today. This is all thanks to the designers and engineers who took up the opportunity to experiment and create a substantially more improved version of hardwood flooring. The European contemporary style in the 30s are transformed to gives consumers a wider range of choices to satisfy individuals’ distinct styles while ensuring sustainability and durability are in place.


To match customer’s dream space, just like every other business, we work hard to produce as many colours with different wood floors for you to choose from. Aside from our engineered flooring installations, we have different sizes and pattern to ensure it fits your room.


Now that you understand the history and the definition of Parquet, is it time to connect the dots on how both are closely related. As mentioned, parquet is an arrangement of geometric patterns and herringbone is one of the patterns found in the parquet family. Inherit the same timber material, the unique character of this flooring is that it is angled at 45 degrees when laying down the timber on the surface. To reach 45 degrees angle, the end of each plank needs to meet the other end of the plank.



Herringbone Floors is recommended for larger areas or rooms. This allows the striking pattern to stand out and captivates the attention it deserves while bringing a timeless beauty into your overall space. Besides that, it gives the perception that the room is larger than it originally is. Places recommended by our designers to install herringbone flooring is a large foyer, the entrance of the house door and large rooms with an abundance of natural lights.
Fun fact: Parquet flooring is commonly found in an indoor basketball court. Herringbone Flooring can be found in Barclays Center, New York City.
As much as we like to have a larger space illusion, it is important to be aware it has an adverse effect if your space is small. Herringbone arrangements will potentially make rooms look compact than it does if space itself is small.


Low Maintanance

The keys selling point of the herringbone floor is the low upkeeping. Once you lay herringbone parquetry, you can expect your floor to last for a lifetime. The structure of herringbone was founded by the Romanians. Back then, bricks were laid in a herringbone pattern for roads. Then the rich European started to adore the mosaic. It cost a fortune to install any parquetry flooring, especially herringbone. The style was viewed as prestigious and grandeur. Only places like the palaces, selected government buildings, and the noble and wealthy residences will have herringbone style floorings. As the world progresses, engineers and manufacturers can lower the cost by replicating it using wooden floors while maintaining its durability. As herringbone flooring is proven to endure high foot traffic, it is the robust choice for commercial space. Even homeowners choose herringbone for areas like the living room. Owing to the fact that it is more resistant to water and wear and tear. If you want to lower the cost further, ask us about laminate herringbone floorings.

Timeless Looking

Herringbone flooring is the true classic that will never go out of style. The oak herringbone gives an authentic and natural-looking appearance that compliments both contemporary and traditional spaces. It brings warmth to homes and elegance to the business environment. Herringbone mosaic is not limited to the floor. These days, installing herringbone on the wall is becoming a trend. It brings a luxe aesthetic look to homeowners. Some homeowners and business owners did not want to go through the hassle to replace their existing hardwood floors, yet they wish to have the classic herringbone parquetry in their special room. The common advice designers provide is the WALL. Herringbone Wall brings a rustic, timeless, warm and rich vibe to your space. Rooms that recommends herringbone wall are kitchen, master bedroom, living room and dining room.


The safest decision is to consult our designer team to give you more advice if Herringbone timber is the best arrangement for your home or commercial space. Our team will take care of every inquiry you have to turn your dream space into reality.

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