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Tasmanian Oak Flooring

Sourced by the Australian state of Tasmania, Tasmanian Oak is made out of Eucalyptus trees by combining three different species of the trees which are Obliqua, Delegatensis and Regnans. Together they produced a beautiful pale yellow to fair brown coloured hardwood. Tasmanian timber is commonly one of the alternative woods to be used in buildings, panelling, high-quality paper, furniture, and last but not least floorings.


Do you know if you were to walk to any antique Victorian building, there is a high likelihood that the floor is made out of Tasmanian Oak? Backward to five decades ago, almost 90% of the floor was Tasmanian Oak Floorings in Victoria. Despite being given a Janka rating of 5, it is still a product that is highly in demand. This is because sometimes it’s not only about the hardness level of the wood but the sturdiness and durability which is what Tasmanian Oak Flooring is all about.

Tasmanian Oak Floorings Melbourne

It is common for a flooring company to sell Tasmanian floorings under various nicknames in Australia. For instance, in a metropolis area, places like Melbourne, Victoria and NSW, often mistaken the Tasmanian Oak as Victorian Ash. It is important to be aware of both unique characteristic Both oaks have quite a significant difference such that Victorian Ash is only made from 2 types of wood which are Delegatensis and Regnans. Apart from sourcing from a different state, the colour of both floorings plays a large part in differentiating them. The name of Victorian Ash has given away the colour of the wood. Victorian Ash tends to be lighter than Tasmanian Oak Floorings. Besides that, Tasmanian Oak’s colour has a less consistent mix because it has an additional colour of peach roseate from the Obliqua.

Various Sizing Options

Bevel’s Floors have different types of sizes – 85mm, 108mm, 130mm, 185mm, 85mm, 108mm and 133mm. The thickness is from 12mm to 19mm. The above mentioned are the common sizes sought after in the market for Tasmanian Oak Flooring. If you could not find the size and width that suits you, please give us a call to enquire as customized sizing and projects are available upon enquiry.

Hear what customers say about Tasmanian Oak Floorings

Hired Bevel Floors to lay the Tasmania timber on pillars for my boutique. The result was remarkable. Truly transform the whole place into a luxurious high-end boutique.




Contracted them to do some staining and sanding for my tas oak flooring which was also laid by them in 2002. Was not disappointed at all. The result was like a brand-new floor. Thanks for the service and the 10 years back advice on choosing Tasmanian oak for my floor.




After countless changes of design and requirements for my house, the team still delivered an amazing and fast job. These guys really have their skills and experience on floors.



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Drop by or set an appointment with our floor experts today. We will walk you through our sizing options and the cost per square meter for Tasmanian Oak Flooring and others. We will recommend the best floorings options that suit your style and space within your budget. Alternatively, you can speak with our friendly staff through a phone call to arrange for a quote.

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